Toronto granite countertops

Granite Designs is a premium granite fabrication and installation company in Toronto, Ontario.
They make the best Toronto granite countertops , granite furniture and quartz and marble countertops. Toronto granite countertops are known for their durability, and comes in a wide array of colors. The only upkeep that you would need for your granite countertop is to apply a sealer once a year to seal in pores to keep the bacteria out and keep from staining when dark liquids are
spilled onto it. Granite is natural stone surface that can be polished to be smooth, shiny and reflective using a high polish. If you prefer a more texturized finish, Granite Designs can apply the flamed finish using a blow torch. Granite Designs own granite cutter and polisher is the third generation of his family trained in granite fabrication in Italy, and holds 50 years experience.
Granite Designs only uses state-of-the-art Italian CNC machinery to cut its granite.
The company will guide you right from the start to finish with excellent customer service from selecting a granite swatch, finish and edge treatment, taking measurements of your kitchen and drafting a layout, fabrication and then installation. Granite Designs knows that you cherish the time spent around the counter in the kitchen and know you only want the best-looking materials and designs to enhance that time even more.